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Southeast Asia is the destination of today, a region rich with historic treasures, exotic cultures and amazing landscapes. Uniquely beautiful,...

Nha Trang - A must-go destination

Nha Trang is recognised as one of the world’s ‘Most Beautiful Bays’ almost a decade ago and famous for its pristine beaches, splendid islands and magnificent mountains.

Nha Trang Bay stretches 507 square kilometers and has 19 islands. It is home to rare marine species such as salanganes, red coral, yellow-lip pearl and oval abalone.

The local and international tourist is amazed by some striking places and spots activities as: Hon Mun, Hon Tram, Hon Tre, Bich Dam, Chong island, Tru Beach...

Above islands are also renowned for water - sports with its high-speed canoes, sailing boats, small ships and many high-quality resorts near the beaches offer scuba diving, squid fishing and island cruises... that make your holiday never finished and go to Heaven.

On the island, tourists can take a panoramic view of Nha Trang City to the north and Cam Ranh Peninsula to the south.

Noi and Ngoai islets are home to salangane nests in their stone cliffs. Tourists to the islands can discover the splendid surroundings and have a gander at the bird’s nests.

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