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If you have travelled with us before, we hope we have convinced you that our 'specialist' approach means you enjoy an expertly planned trip tailored to your interests and budget.

We believe that your trip should be truly unforgettable, so we don't take any chances. The expert knowledge of all our specialists allows us to select the best possible accommodation, guides and excursions to suit your tastes and budget.

Whatever you want from your trip we can use our detailed knowledge to plan your ideal itinerary. The great thing about tailor-made travel is that your complete trip is designed around your interests and budget, so you can explore at your own pace and select accommodation that suits you, with our specialist knowledge at your disposal to perfect your travel plans.

100% Tailor-made:
Only you know what your ideal trip should include. Whether you want to concentrate on culture or spend time wildlife-watching, sample a city’s hustle and bustle or relax in a secluded beauty spot, VNR Travel’s specialists will help you discover the joy of a unique trip designed specifically for you.
The Masai MaraA Trip Designed Around You

The joy of tailor-made travel is that your entire holiday is designed around your requirements, so you are not tied to the set itinerary of a group.

This allows you to explore your interests at your own speed and select your preferred style of accommodation, with our specialists’ knowledge always at your disposal.
Take Advantage of our First-Hand Knowledge

Because our specialists regularly travel to the regions you will be visiting, they can offer invaluable advice and suggestions for things to see and do while you are there and you can be confident that your unique itinerary has been created by someone who has extensive first-hand knowledge of the places and accommodation it contains.

Specialist Knowledge:
Our specialists are at the heart of VNR Travel’s operations. They have all travelled extensively through, and have often lived in their specialist regions.

You can rely on their first-hand knowledge and boundless enthusiasm. At VNR Travel we believe in an honest ‘tell it how it is’ approach to planning an itinerary, suggesting sights, selecting accommodation and discussing the practicalities of travel.

All our specialists regularly revisit their chosen regions, meticulously inspect hotels and keep up-to-date with all travel-related issues. We believe this approach is unique to VNR Travel and ultimately ensures that you will have the best possible authentic travel experience.

Our specialists provide a unique holiday-planning service:
- Each specialist is focused on a specific destination.
- Our specialists travel extensively to their destinations they speak from personal experience.
- You will have contact with the same specialist throughout the planning process.
- Their enthusiasm for the destination will mean they can tailor your trip to your exact preferences.
- They can ensure you make the most of your time and budget during your trip.

How to Plan Your Trip

All great trips start with an idea. If you have a general idea what type of trip you want, where you might want to go and how long you would like to go for, you have all we need to start the process of building your personalized travel itinerary.

1. Inspiration and information
Cheetah in the Masai MaraYou can find plenty of inspiration and information in our brochures, and on this website. However, there’s nothing to match the direct experience of our destination specialists.

2. Speak to a destination specialist
Whether your travel plans are at a tentative stage or completely defined and you are ready to book your trip, our destination specialists have the first-hand experience and up-to-date knowledge required to put your plans into action. They can answer your questions, offer suggestions and advice and, if you are ready, start planning your trip in detail. The same specialist will handle your trip from start to finish.

3. Full colour itinerary and quotation
VNR Travel quoteYour specialist will carefully design your trip, creating a detailed and unique itinerary, complete with facts about the country, maps, accommodation, colour photographs and a price. Your itinerary will be presented in either a bound folder or an online interactive mini-website which you will be given exclusive access to, or both.

4. Refinement
Once you’ve read through the itinerary your specialist will answer any further questions you have and refine it until you are completely happy.

5. Confirmation
Once you are satisfied with all the arrangements, we ask you to complete a booking form and pay your deposit, at which point we start to confirm all the arrangements.

6. Staying in touch
Even after booking you’ll undoubtedly think of more questions. Feel free to call your specialist at any time. In any case they will give you a call a few days before you are due to travel, to check everything is OK and go through your itinerary one last time.

VNR Travel Filofax
Approximately three weeks before departure you will receive your Travel Organiser, which will contain day-by-day details of your upcoming trip presented in a convenient personal organiser. As well as the detailed itinerary you will also find all sorts of additional information, from restaurant recommendations to driving instructions. Notes on cultural considerations are included to ensure you are able to make the most of your time within the country and interact in a positive way with the people you will meet.

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