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Welcome to Vietnam & Indochina! Southeast Asia is the destination of today, a region...

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À Ố Show - Live at Opera House Sai...

À Ố Show ( A O show) is an acrobatics show, suing only bamboo to depicts at beauty...

THONG NHAT Express train 5-star in...

From Feb,2015, The first 5-star Thong Nhat express train has been launched on the...

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Established in 2009, VNR Travel was a tour operator for individual travelers visiting Vietnam, and has since rapidly grown with expansion of its activities over the border to other Asian countries. Head office in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, our company also has representative agents in Laos,...

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  • 4- days Cruise Southern Laos
    4- days Cruise Southern Laos

    Discover the serene beauty of Southern Laos during a cruise aboard the newly built cruise vessel Mekong Islands. A cruise on the Mekong Islands is the most comfortable and exclusive way to explore this unique natural region of the so called 4000 islands with its thousands of small river islands almost appearing in a surrealistic way. Get to know the life of the locals during visits to riverside villages as well as cultural highlights like the UNESCO protected temple of Wat Phou, silent witness of the ancient civilization of the Khmer.


    Vinpearl Premium Nha Trang Bay and Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang Bay - an international 5 star hotel in the Vinpearl Nha Trang complex of hotel, resort, tourism and recreation- is called “a sparkling pearl glued on the crown of the sea queen” by the tourists.

  • Explore brand-new experiences at Vinpearl Aquarium
    Explore brand-new experiences at Vinpearl Aquarium

    The largest aquarium in Vietnam<br>Spreading over 4,000m2 with more than 30,000 marine creatures in 3,000,000 salt water liters capacity, Vinpearl Aquarium Times City becomes both the largest aquarium in Vietnam as well as the first aquarium with 300m long tunnel in Hanoi.<br>

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La Dolce Vita Hotel

La Dolce Vita Hotel

US$ 69

he newly opened La Dolce Vita hotel is perfectly located in the heart of the city, offering you... More

Bamboo Sapa Hotel

Ramana hotel Sai Gon

Hotel Royal Hoi An


Hi To Linh ! We had a wonderful time in Vietnam and also in China. Thank you very much for your...
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