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Hotel Sai Gon Morin Hue

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Hotel Sai Gon Morin Hue

Star rate:

Room rate: $ 105

Address: 30 Le Loi St., Hue City, Viet Nam

  • The Hotel boats 180 rooms including 18 suites provide guests with excellent service and facilities.

    Built in 1901 by the French businessmen, Mr. Bogarde, the hotel was the first one in Central Vietnam. After suffering heavy damage by the Typhoon of 1904, the Hotel was transferred into the hands of Mr. Guerin and renamed "The Grand Hotel de Hue".1907 - Morin's Brothers possessed the Property, enlarged and upgraded it to the best Hotel in Hue.

    1907 - 1945 The Hotel business flourished and reached a peak. Not only a Hotel, It also took a role as a "Center for the French community" in Hue. At that time the hotel had 72 guest rooms, a restaurant, a cinema, a grocery and a library. Charlie Chaplin - The Greatest Comedian, Andre Malraux - A famous French writer as well as many  celebrities stayed in the Morin hotel.

    In 1946 The hotel became the shelter for the French army and civilians during the Anti- French colonialist movement rising. After French forces and civilians returned to France after the Geneva agreement was signed in 1954, the Morin's transferred the hotel to Mr. Yen (Vietnamese businessman ). In 1957, The South Vietnam Government confiscated the Hotel and used as the House of Hue University.

    MORIN HOTEL - HUE UNIVERSITY From 1957 to 1975, the Morin hotel housed Hue University. This was the hub of the anti-South Vietnam government movement of Students in Hue. In the "Tet Offensive" of 1968 the Morin hotel and the streets and buildings around it were the setting for some dramatic events during the battle for Hue city. From reunification day (1975) to 1988 the Hotel continuously housed Hue University. In 1989 the hotel was transferred to Thua Thien-Hue Tourism used as a Hotel. At that time, the Hotel was most popular with back-packer tourists.

    REOPENNING After massive renovation, the hotel reopened in 1997 and renamed to "SAIGON MORIN". The hotel now has 183 guest's rooms, 4 restaurants and many other souvenir stores. Since its reopening, the Saigon Morin has been widely acknowledged as the most luxurious hotel in Hue. The hotel has welcomed many celebrities and distinguished travelers on their visit to Hue.

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