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5 Star Cruise on Nha Trang Bay

Five-star cruise ship exploring Nha Trang Bay in the central province of Khanh Hoa has launched by The Emperor Cruises company.

The design and numerous luxury services for tourists at ship was inspired by King Bao Dai, the last King of Vietnam's Nguyen dynasty, who often chose Nha Trang to relax and fish on a fully equipped dragon boat.

In addition to luxury conveniences like the king’s boat, visitors can enjoy the unique and delicious local food and visit various beautiful sights and islands in Nha Trang Bay, as well as join sea activities including swimming, diving, kayaking and taking glass-bottom boats to see the coral.

There are two packages as your choice at this time: Day Cruises (US$105-US$168) and Sunset Cruises (US$70-US$110).

With the day cruise package, tourists can enjoy the luxury services and visit all islands on the Bay; meanwhile passengers selecting the sunset cruise will have the chance to watch the sunset and enjoy dinners and romantic music on the ship.It takes 40 minutes along the coastal road from Cam Ranh International Airport to reach downtown Nha Trang and another 15 minutes to reach the port, where your Emperor Cruise begins. Destinations on its Day Cruises include a visit to Hon Mieu, snorkeling and diving at Hon Mun, cruising around Hon Mot and Hon Tam, and dropping in at Dam Bay for lunch, before continuing on to Tru Beach for trekking, beach activities, and kayaking. The cruise ends with views of the Bao Dai villas, which is nestled on a small headland near the city.

Emperor Cruises plans to bring tourists to the bay to gaze at the sunset, sip on cocktails, and enjoy romantic dinners while cruising on one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world. Sunset Cruise package offer a set seafood dinner with unlimited wine and romantic music, while guests taking in the stunning views of Nha Trang Bay.




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