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An My Village - Home to several organic vegetable gardens

While villages such as Kim Bong are known for carpentry, Thanh Ha for ceramics and Tra Que for herbs, An My Village is a hidden gem in Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hoi An attract charms visitors with its picturesque riverside, brightly coloured old houses; great street food; fine-art galleries and rural villages.

The An My  village, set in a rural landscape, opened to tourists just a few years ago. It is only 3km from Hoi An and 1km from Cua Dai beach. Visitors feel they have travelled back to the times when agriculture was still the main economic activity. Not just agriculture, mind you, but agriculture free of chemicals and nourished only with natural manures and compost.

The traveler cycle around the village and drop in at Nguyen Thi Dong’s house. She has a vegetable garden covering 500sq. m of courgette, tomato, luffa and different types of vegetables. After learning about organic gardening, accompany locals in taking care of vegetables and flowers, joining the farm work, planting young rice, harvesting it or drying it in the sun. Your huge results this day is  a local lunch by your self cooking.Lunch usually features vegetables from the gardens, grilled fish caught in the river and Quang noodles made by the locals.  

Guest can also join in making and flying kites, making masks and decorating the festive lion’s head used for performance at the full moon festival.

Highlight of this day : The host boil herbs such as lemongrass, ginger and lemon leaves then the visitor can relax their feet in the warm water 

More adventurous travellers can experience working with buffaloes, and catching and grilling fish.

Until now,  to preserve the fine rural landscape, the village chairman aimed at a "no hotel" policy. Currently there are only one spa, four houses for short-term rent to foreigners and two home-stay facilties.








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