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Reinvigorate Yourself In Kon Phangan (Thailand)

Kon Phangan is a glorious island located in the island of gulf of Thailand. It is famous for its scenic beauty as well as known as the home of full moon party. It has a marvelous array of the wonders of nature. These include tropical beaches, streams, beaches, rare birds, jungles reptiles, mountains etc. It even offers nightlife.

This island offers a lot of adventurous activities like scuba diving, elephant trekking, snorkeling, island tours by the long boat, hiking, jeep safari, trekking. Apart from these this island also has Thai cooking classes, selling, boxing classes, karaoke bars, live jam session, day trips, bars and Kon Phangan restaurants. The island also offers accommodations for the visitors in a variety of resorts, bungalows and hotels. This place is a must place for visiting and will make one fall in love with it.

This is a place to spend a perfect vacation. There are a large number of resorts, bungalows and villas for the visitors. Most of them offer an extensive beach front and a large swimming pool. A number of resorts have recently been launched near the ban kai. These resorts have magnificent hotel rooms, swimming pool, food and many more. This is a special party place for the amazing people who love party. The cocktail bars are most famous. The resorts are mainly located near the beaches so that the tourists can enjoy the recreational activities like swim, surfing, sunbath etc. the restaurants serves a vast choice of delicious items of diet. Between the resorts and the beach the gardens are landscaped so as the tourists could enjoy the fine and fresh air of nature. The small cottages are scattered in front of the beaches and are nearby the swimming pool. The cottages are surrounded by swaying coconut palms and tropical plants. The view of the beach from the resorts or the cottages is elegant. The hotels provide a wide range for selection that fits the demand and budgets of all tourists.

The full moon party is the most famous party of Kon Phangan. This is enjoyed by all the visitors. This happens to be a grand party with lots of lights, music, wine, games, dance and many more. Full on party is mostly held at Haad rin. Another party called half-moon party is mainly celebrated once a week and is on the either side of the full moon party. This is held at Ban Kai. The jungle party is celebrated mostly two days prior to the full moon and the waterfall party is held mostly before on night of the full moon party.

The most famous activities that the tourists enjoy are elephant trekking, fire juggling, boa trips, diving etc. trekking the rainforest jungle. One can view monkeys, rabbits, kittens and even elephants. These animals are really friendly and one can trek and enjoy nice trip to the countryside. Diving is popular since 13 to 14 years and the policies remain unchanged. The diving instructor maintains and takes proper care of the safety of divers. Apart from this fire juggling is done every night. Each night the jugglers entertain the guests at the time of dinner. Boat trips are most famous. One can enjoy private trips with boat and enjoy the waterfall.

If one needs to visit this place and enjoy the beauty of nature and the recreation activities then he needs a passport as visit to places like these are more comfortable and enjoyable when the travel is through air. The Citizens of US whoalready have an esta visa should apply for Thailand Tourist visa. So, don’t just wait, get your passport, visa and fly off to Kon Phangan.

Source: Aimey Lewis

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