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Cannon Fort in Cat Ba island –where the sky meets the earth

Majestic” - that's what one might utter when visiting Height 177 (also known as Cannon Fort) located in Cat Ba Island district. En route to Cat Ba, people often hear of Height 177, where nature, the sky and the earth seem to converge. Although newly opened, Cannon Fort Tourism Area has been renovated to retain the original character of the history and nature there.

The historical remainders include a system of complex observatories and trenches in addition to two cannons. Built right on top of the mountain, the military complex, which was ingeniously designed, is hidden under canopies and threads along the mountainside.In addition, architecture of the complex is not florid but strong and stable. All these wild and rough features give sightseers a special impression of an intact historical relic.

Stop at the Fortress Café and one may be overcome with conflicted feelings. On the one hand is the simplicity and primitivism of the historic military site with trenches, ditches and munitions, while on the other is the romantic beauty that nature gives to this place - the beauty of sea, mountain and woods. Two hard-to-integrate values converge here. The Creator indeliberately arranged the contrasts of life, that everyone who comes here will be moved. This brings us to a philosophy about life: amid the harshness and primitiveness, there is a flow of romantic and poetic characters.

From the observatory, one can extend the eyesight onto the wide space ahead. People feel overwhelmed and adventurous by the space and scenery there. Below the foot of the mountain are the two most beautiful beaches of Cat Ba, namely Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2. From the other side of the Cannon Fort Tourism Area is Cat Ba Bay. Hundreds of floating houses and fishing boats anchoring in the bay create a bustling scene there. Looking down from above, one can catch sight of the bay, which is decorated with dots created by the distant boats. At sunset, rays of the blazing red sun flickering behind the ranges offer beautiful scenery with the glow of the sunset and the shadow of boats stretching on the sea surface. 

Furthermore, one may enjoy the miraculous beauty of nature while from above viewing Lan Ha Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world natural heritage of Ha Long Bay. The jade green sea and the color of the vegetation on the limestone mountains increase the blueness of the picture. Lan Ha is often compared to a heavenly orchid with its pure and tender beauty on earth.

Tourists to Cat Ba now have a more meaningful choice to return to nature, history and original values that is the Cannon Fort  Area - where the sky meets the earth. 

(Source: Hung Vuong JSC,)

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