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"Cu Lao Cham" - Impression of the green islands

Cu Lao Cham (Cham Islands), a World Biosphere Reserve in Quang Nam Province is famous not only for its wild beauty but also for being the special attention of scientists about the first found corals in Viet Nam


Fascinating " Cu Lao Cham" in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

In the past, Cu Lao Cham was fairly wild  although to be near from Hoi An Ancient Town, a World Heritage Site of Vietnam. In 2009, it was recognized as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO and soon became a famous tourism destination in central Viet Nam and attracted the scientists’ interest.

Quang Nam province focus to build Cu Lao Cham into an ideal marine tourism destination in the renowned tourist triangle of Quang area, My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Ancient Town. Therefore, the local authorities opened training courses on tourist professional skills, such as cooking, accommodation services, transporting tourists by boat and guiding tourists for snorkeling for nearly 3,000 people living on the islands to earn their living instead of doing the work of marine resource exploitation. In 2014, Cu Lao Cham had successfully built the green island into a fascinating tourism destination with various forms, such as snorkeling to contemplate the coral, swimming, enjoying the local food and discovering the wild beauty of the natural beaches.

Mui Da Trang  which is dubbed the “undersea paradise” on Cu Lao Cham -  taking a boat equipped with professional diving devices to there and  see the magnificent beauty of the coral reefs. The coral reefs here over about 30ha and are the most ideal attraction for snorkeling in Cu Lao Cham. At the depth of about five meters, through their diving masks tourists can see a colorful world of marine plants and animals in the clear, blue water, which looks like a mysterious aquarium.

These beaches  with pristine beauty, such as Bai Lang, Bai Chong and Bai Huong... are always crowded with boats transporting the visitors to see the coral.

Now aday, the local people realize that to have revived the beautiful coral reefs and helped to make Cu Lao Cham become the most attractive place for snorkeling in Viet Nam.

Hai Tang Pagoda, built more than 400 years ago, adds to the town’s rare atmosphere  Burning a few sticks of incense and walking around the town may renew your senses and give you a bit of respite from the noise and fury of every day life. While at night, the silence of Cu Lao Cham is quite noticeable, compared to the busy streets of big cities. The only sounds are made by the waves crashing into the shore.

The attractive landscapes and quite delights of Cu Lao Cham are a draw for travellers.

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